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Be Proactive

We’re excited to announce our panelists of the *FREE Virtual Conference* who will have an insightful and reflective discussion on *Be proactive…Be self Motivated* during the current situation.

You might have often found yourself overwhelmed with emotions, unable to stay resilient like you have always proven to be. Our physical & mental health professionals will help you cope up with the changes.


This is an *invite-only event*, so tell your friends and family to register now before the slots fill up!

*Where?* Zoom Meetings
*When?* 12th July ‘2020, Sunday
*Time?* 11:30am – 1:00pm
*What you will learn?* **wonderful self introduction techniques
**Physical Fitness techniques
**mental energy boosting techniques
**to have more focus
**guided meditation

*Who can attend?* Everyone is welcome

*Who are the panelists?*
_Moderator:_ Maryam Zohra (International Relations)
_Fitness Trainer:_ *Master Zahid Rashid*
International physical fitness *PRO*
_Life Coach:_ *Humaira Syed*
International Soft Skills Trainer

*_Cumulative 15 years experience_*

_*The event can now be registered on Whatsapp number 03408881515 & Email address*_

*Limited seats left!*
Come fast. Take action now.
No complications… no long procedures to register.
We care for your time. All you need to do is send us a WhatsApp message.

*We are anticipating your presence* 🤗

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50% Dislikes
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