Shehzad Yousafzai

Journalist, Reporter @ Daily Times

It was Jan 2019 when i came to know about Dukhtar Foundation (DF) when i was working on a story regarding the harassment of female students in educational institutions. Mr. Zahid Rashid introduced me with DF’s team and i was impressed by their working style beacuse instead of making point scoring on media and social media, DF was concerned about the privacy and dignity of the victims.
It is a pleasure for me to be a part of DF team as a volunteer to contribute for the betterment of the society.

Dr. Shoaib Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer Solutions Pakistan Pvt Ltd. Islamabad; Former HOD Foundation University, Rawalpindi

DUKHTER Foundation is doing amazing job. Training events for women and the community in general, is a unique yet very strong initiative. #BOLO campaign also yielded excellent results. I believe myself as a major supporter of DUKHTER Foundation.
I extend my good wishes to Ms Humaira and the Team DUKHTER, to serve the humanity in more exceptional way.

Dr. Behrouz Karkhanei

Anaesthesiologist & Adviser to the President of the Red Crescent Society, IRAN

I’m happy and proud of be a supporter for DUKHTER foundation. Undoubtedly, Ms. Humaira Syed is a great woman who has spent many years of her life for helping societies.
Extensive global humanitarian services always start with one person, but expanding it requires the support of everyone, especially those responsible and capable people. I hope that DUKHTER foundation create a healthy and prosperous society.

Dr. Akhter Ali Syed

PhD., ADCP., C.Psychol., Ps.S.I. Principal Clinical Psychologist, Brothers of Charity Services, Waterford, IRELAND; Director, Eidetic Psychology Solutions

Staying with, supporting, and strengthening the weeks and vulnerable reveals the conscience of any society. In a society of dictators, cold blood murderers and abusers, raising voice for victims of gender based maltreatment indicates that we are not morally bankrupted, as yet. However, such an endearing endeavour not only requires courage and perseverance but a deep understanding of the underpinnings of evil. I trust, the DUKHTER Foundation is equipped with all this that is why it will make its ways.

Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan

Information & Colonies Minister, Punjab, Pakistan (Ex Minister for Culture Punjab)

Current era is the era of humanitarianism. People are more and more inclined to philanthropy. Its hard to differentiate the objectives of civil society. Dukhter Foundation deserves a high appreciation for standing out in this tough competition. Good Luck for its brighter future.

Khalid Rajput

International Black belt 4th dan, President Pakistan O-sport Federation, International Coach, judge, and Referee.

Strongly support the motto of DUKHTER. “Don’t feed them for a day or two; give them a skill so they can feed themselves for ages”. We are here to bring in a permanent solution to issues. So if you are looking to satisfy your conscience DUKHTER may not be a place for you. Working at DUKHTER requires fortitude and altruism. Everyone can help in creating a difference. Believe me you don’t have to wait for too long to see the results.

Ifeoma Chukwu

HR Manager Meteco Industries West Africa

It was a pleasure to have worked with Ms Humaira in Lagos Nigeria. I appreciate what she is doing at DUKHTER Foundation. She is dedicated and determined to give young girls practical tools and ideas to help them navigate through life. More than just being a talented and experienced practitioner, Ms Humaira is without doubt the single most loving and compassionate person I have met. Keep up the good work. More power to all of us, the worthy women…!!

Dr. Irum Javed

Associate Professor & Principal Reproductive health college, Islamabad

“I personally know Ms. Humaira, Founder Dukhter Foundation. She’s a brilliant sensitive hearted human being and Working hard for Women Empowerment and for the betterment and Social strengthening Of women & children in a Diverse Culture Community like Pakistan. She really deserves applaud for her distinguished Work in these fields and through forum of ” Dukhter Foundation” . I Wish her all the best in her tremendous efforts !

Waseem Yousaf

Project Officer Penny appeal

“Dukhter Foundation” is not just an organization, it is a code to happiness, strength & positive change for many of our sisters /daughters!!

Master Zahid Rashid

International Champion 2006-07 Martial Arts Trainer, Founder TCF, President PKF

“Helping the flame of one woman to grow brighter has a ripple effect of lighting a beacon for others”
DUKHTER Foundation’s approach is extremely unique. I’m proud of being a part of DUKHTER because it creates powerful inter-generational learning, leadership and relationships among diverse women with strength, compassion and a high quality youth development model.
I encourage others to support DUKHTER because more than ever young people and young women need positive, consistent communities